Feature Friday: A Room with a View

This is my kind of bedroom... one with a view... an ocean view to be exact!

Source: Coastal Living

I would never tire of waking up to that gorgeous view!  Can you imagine falling asleep each night to the sound of ocean waves?!  Your day is bound to start and end in a tranquil and serene way when the soothing sight and sound of the ocean is right outside!

This bedroom also caught my eye because of the rich textures and soft patterns.  Natural texture and subtle pattern abound in the nightstands, pillows, and bedding.  When layered together, it brings depth and "richness" to the earthy color palette.  I also love the infusion of gold and glass in the mirrors and suspended light fixtures.  These can both help reflect light and the ocean blues.  If you're fortunate enough to have an ocean view as a focal point, try a neutral interior color palette filled with texture.  It won't compete with the view, and it will promote a soothing and calm atmosphere - which is perfect for a bedroom!

Have a terrific Easter weekend!

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