Adding Glam with Metallic Elements

Adding elements with a metallic finish can bring the "va-va-voom" to a room!  Interior spaces just feel more luxurious and glamorous when there's gold or silver mixed in - kind of like accessorizing your outfit with fine jewelry.  Metallic elements can also help "light" a space since it has a reflective quality.

Emily Henderson

I prefer metallic finishes with a muted lustre.  It speaks sophisticated and glamorous, yet refined and rustic.  Incorporating metallic elements through furniture, accent pieces, or accessories can instantly provide texture, depth, and dimension to a room's design.  It can be as simple as adding a lamp with a gold base, a tray with a silver finish, or candlesticks with aged pewter!

Mix & Chic

Original source unknown

Design Tips:
  • Mix metal finishes to give your room added depth and interest.  It's perfectly fine to do so!
  • Repeat the metallic elements throughout your space for impact.
  • Balance the metal finishes throughout the room.
  • Add wood against metal finishes for warmth, dimension, and texture.  Layering textures is key to a well-designed, well-balanced space!

Some furniture and accent pieces with metallic elements:

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