Turning the page...

Today is bittersweet.  We're turning the page on Kindergarten and 3rd grade.  It is the last day of my kids' school year.  It's sweet because my kiddos can now sleep in and enjoy the lazy days of summer!  It's "bitter" because the end of a school year means turning another year older, taking the next step into their elementary years... which means they are one step closer to junior high... then high school... then college...!!!  It's exciting to see them grow and blossom.  Yet, like most parents, I wish I could permanently pause their childhood and keep them young FOREVER!!!  I'm not kidding... :)

My youngest son graduated from Kindergarten, and my oldest son just wrapped third grade.  They had an excellent school year, and they learned SO much!!!  They were so lucky to have the kindest and most nurturing teachers who truly care for their well-being.

The Beginning of the 2013-14 School Year
Day 1 of 3rd Grade (Lucas) & Kindergarten (Ryan)
Day 2 in Uniforms!

Ryan Aiden's First Day of Kindergarten

At his "new" school waiting to see his classroom!
At his table!
1st day of Kindergarten is in the books!

Lucas Alan's First Day of 3rd Grade

At his big-boy desk!
With his buddies-some he has known since preschool!

Last Day of School

End-of-school lunch celebration
My baby had an awesome Kindergarten year! So proud of him!
My big boy had a tremendous 3rd grade year. So proud of him!

I'm looking forward to the summer with these boys!!!

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