Sisal vs. Jute

Natural fiber area rugs are a great way to combine texture and practicality into your home.  Area rugs ground spaces, soften hard surfaces, and absorb sound.  Natural fiber area rugs, like sisal and jute, are especially durable and low maintenance. They are also environmentally-friendly.

Sisal and jute rugs can be handwoven or loomed.  They can also be dyed and interwoven with other materials (such as wool) to create an assortment of weaves/patterns and colors.

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Many often wonder what the difference is between sisal and jute.  I summarized it here for you!


Sisal is a plant (known as Agave Sisalana) that yields an extremely strong and stiff fiber that is used for making certain products, such as rope and twine.  The plant is native to southern Mexico, but also cultivated in other countries.  In terms of rugs or carpets, sisal is very strong and durable.  However, some "matting" can occur with sisal in high-traffic areas.  Sisal (and jute) carpet doesn't trap dust.  Vacuuming is the only regular maintenance required.  Because sisal does react to humidity, it is better used indoors.

Properties: natural, renewable, biodegradable, sound-absorbing, flame-resistant, anti-static, naturally insulating (Source)


Unlike sisal, jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads.  Jute is produced from the "Corchorus" plant family.  The finest jute can mostly be found in Bangladesh and India.  Its fibers are used to make burlap, curtains, chair coverings, carpet backing, and floor coverings, like area rugs and carpets.  Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers, and is the second most important vegetable fiber (after cotton) in amount produced and variety of uses. Jute is also used in the production of clothes, like sweaters, and shoes (ex. espadrilles).

In terms of jute rug maintenance, regular vacuuming is all that is recommended. Jute rugs are also susceptible to humidity, so it is best used indoors.

Properties: renewable, biodegradable, soft underfoot (Source)

Tips: Use natural fiber area rugs for a more casual or relaxed atmosphere.  They add an organic texture, warmth, and softness to any space.  Natural fiber rugs are also beautiful when layered with other rugs. Layering rugs adds more pattern, texture, depth, and dimension... and is very interesting and impactful.

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