Summer Breakin' 2014: Week 5 Recap


Summer Break Week 5 in Review

Time really does fly when you're having fun!  Here's a photo recap highlighting some of the kids' fun during week 5 of summer break:

After repeated attempts at conversation, I gave into this. The boys re-reading old books...
Enjoying another summer picnic!
Just finished lunch. Resting before wreaking havoc...

Outdoor fun at the park

Instead of walking on the bridge, they "tight-roped" the entire time.  Typical.

Taking a break from pretending to be pirates.  The play structure is shaped like a pirate ship.
This is SO him!

The highlight of the week was an overnight sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Cousin LOVE

The boys had a sleepover with big cousin, Dylan. Cousins Kalea & Cubby (his real name is Gabriel, but he's never used it) dropped by for a visit before their trip.

Auntie & nephew selfies!  Bedtime is super flexible in the summer.  However, the boys did not go to bed until after midnight during their sleepover!  Talk about taking advantage fun... :)

Happy as can be at the arcade. Spoiled by Grandma & Grandpa.
Another Lucas-Mommy date while Ryan was at another playdate...

Lucas picked up some new gear on our shopping date.  He had been wearing basketball shoes that were 2 sizes too small (oops!) until he got these green (with pink and yellow accents) LeBron shoes.  There are some very interesting basketball shoes on the market these days!

And why not get a new leather basketball to go with the shoes?!  He REALLY enjoyed this one-on-one date with mommy!

Playing with "D", our neighbor.
Chillaxin' watching a movie. Today was all about R&R.

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