Playing with Pattern

It's no secret that I love pattern.  Patterns can be strong and bold, or more subtle and textural. Either way, pattern can add dynamic depth, texture, color, and dimension to any room.  When designing spaces, I often use fabric as a starting point.  The colors or patterns often found in fabrics can help provide design direction.  Today, I will be sharing with you how you can coordinate one fabric in two different ways.

When you have a vibrant pattern as a starting point (such as the floral pillow above), you can easily pull colors from the fabric to coordinate other textiles and fabrics in a room.  It essentially guides the color scheme.  One "trick" that I often use when working with fabrics is to pull the "recessive" colors out of the fabric - as I did on the right side.  The black, grayish-brown, and muted yellow tones in the floral pillow became more prominent when the colors were used in the supporting pillows.

Although I used pillows to mix and coordinate different patterns above, other items, such as throws, draperies, upholstery, etc., could easily substitute.  On the left side, for instance, the blue and white geometric fabric would look great on an upholstered accent chair or ottoman.  On the right side, either the black and white spotted fabric, or indigo blue fabric, would look great as an upholstered headboard.

With every design or decorating project, just have fun and try playing with pattern!  It will add lots of impact and interest to your space.  Enjoy your day!

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