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Would you dare paint your ceiling, wall, or floor black?!  Black is bold and dramatic.  It is also unexpected and non-traditional when you think "color", which is why I absolutely love to use the color in room designs!  I love how black brings impact, interest, and dimension to a space.  

My husband thought I lost my mind when I told him I was going to paint our home office black.  Because the room receives plenty of natural light, I originally wanted to paint all the walls in the room black.  Instead, I made a last-minute decision and opted to paint just one wall black to give the room a focal point.  Here's a peek:

CAD INTERIORS home office design tips black paint

I am still deciding if I'm going to do a stenciled treatment on the wall.  Right now, I really like how the plain black wall adds drama and impact to the room, as is.

Now, let's take a look at how the color black elevated the design of the following spaces:

>>Black adds glamour, sophistication, and the "romance" factor in a room.<<

CAD INTERIORS design tips black rooms black walls
Ralph Lauren

CAD INTERIORS design tips black paint above wainscot trim
Original source unknown

CAD INTERIORS design tips black paint bathroom design
Original source unknown

>>Black helps highlight beautiful moldings and architectural details.<<

CAD INTERIORS design tips black paint dining room white trim natural light
Decor Pad

CAD INTERIORS design tips moldings black focal wall paint trimwork

>>Black can envelope a space with warmth and coziness.<<

CAD INTERIORS design tips black paint moldings walls rooms

CAD INTERIORS design tips black sophisticated bedroom design interior design black walls
Original source unknown

CAD INTERIORS design tips interior design black paint library living room den
Candace Cavanaugh Interiors

As seen in the spaces above, black doesn't make a room feel small (contrary to popular thought).  Black is actually a recessive color.  But it is especially important to pay careful attention to lighting (both natural and artificial) and/or "sheen" (gloss) when working with black, or any darker color for that matter.  Proper lighting is especially important when using black.   Remember, reflective materials, such as mirrors and objects with metallic finishes, are great tools for distributing light!

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