A "Wicked Good Time"

Wasn't it great that Halloween fell on a Friday this year?!  We had the entire weekend to recover from our sugar "highs".  My hubby and I are not adverse to stealing raiding our kids' treats!  I especially have a weakness for chocolate... and boy, did the kids haul in the chocolate this year!

I crammed all the chocolate into this jar.  Excuse the "frost".  We like our chocolate cold, so we store it in the refrigerator.  My hand has been in this jar way too many times.  SOS!

A Wicked Good Time

This is our second holiday season since moving into the area.  We once again attended our annual neighborhood Halloween block party.  We had a "Wicked Good Time", which was the theme of this year's event!  The neighbors who spearheaded this year's festivities did such a great job preparing all the food and games.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of all the action.  But here are shots of the kids at the event.

My little football player (who was cold), and skeleton (who glowed in the dark)!

Lucas added the "vampire fangs" to his costume with a game prize...

... and so did Ryan!

We then took the kids soliciting "trick-or-treating" around the neighborhood with our immediate neighbors.  Same as last year... :)

I blurred out the kids' faces for privacy.  This year, Darth Vader, Batman, and the cutest little peacock you'll ever encounter strolled the streets with us!

Wasn't the youngest of the group just the cutest?!  Her costume was the perfect nod to the real peacocks that live in our area!  She was a total trooper the entire night.

Our neighborhood is a mix of retired empty nesters, families with grown or college-aged kids, and younger families like us.  Rather than attending the block party, the families with the "grown" kids have their own little party.  We ended the night with a refreshment pit stop at the house that hosted this shindig. :) That's a wrap on Halloween 2014!

We have a very long way to go with our home renovation, but the journey to making this house our home has been worth it.  We feel very blessed to be part of such a wonderful neighborhood and community!

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