For the win on window treatments...

Just over a month ago, I had written a post about covering up our windows, which you can read about here.  I am particularly concentrating on the windows that run along the front side of our house - the side facing the street and front exterior.  Well, we finally made a decision...

But first, to review, the choices were ultimately narrowed down to four options.  I included some new visual images so you can better understand my thinking...

Layered Window Treatments
(My Favorite)

Southern Living

Natural Woven Roman Shades
(Love the Texture)


(Love Fabrics & Patterns)

Meredith Heron

(Love the Simplicity & Functionality)


As I had mentioned, I would prefer all the window coverings along the front side of the house to be consistent since they are all visible from the street/front exterior.  Well, function ultimately won out... we're having shutters installed!

We loved having shutters in our last house.  Shutters offer complete privacy and light control at all times - day or night.  They will also add some dimension and architectural interest to our simple windows.  When it came to selling our last house, shutters also proved to be a great marketing tool and home improvement that paid off.  Bonus.  We are not planning to sell our home, but it's always good to consider resale when investing in any home improvement.  As always, you can count on me to add some pretty fabric for softness, pattern, and texture down the road.  Shutters alone work perfectly fine, but can you imagine them as part of a layered window treatment?!

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