The Kids' Tree

I have been enjoying the glow of all our trees.  Yes, trees.  In addition to our main (real) Christmas tree, we have a couple other (artificial) trees scattered throughout the house.  Our kids' tree is small, sweet, and oh so happy!


We set-up the kids' tree on the nightstand dresser right between their beds.  I strung colored lights for a more light-hearted, fun, and whimsical effect - which is perfect for kids.  The "ornaments" were all handmade by my boys throughout the years, and mostly come from school projects (yes, I saved and stored them!).  Giving kids their own tree is a great way to showcase their holiday crafts.  Not to mention that you won't have to "blend" them in with other tree trimmings... :)

Love those precious faces.

We all love the glow it gives at night.

Hope you are having a merry holiday season!

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