What's in "design wise" for 2015?

I recently read an article that detailed the top 5 home design trends that are forecasted for 2015.  It was interesting to see how my "Top 3 Favorite Things" (here and here) coincided with what's expected to be "hot" in interior design in the new year.  A few of what I considered to be "Design Trends" were bang on.  Here are two of the design trends that will be really big in the year ahead.

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Expect to see the popularity of gold fixtures with modern sleek finishes to rise in the new year.  No surprise there.  It's been trending that way for the last half of 2014.

Here's my take:  Gold and brass finishes seem to be "cyclical" for consumer taste.  It was huge in the 1970's.  The gold/brass finishes as of late, however, have been updated in a fresh modern way to make a huge recent comeback.  I expect gold to remain more of a cyclical "trend" rather than be categorized as a classic design element.  I'm curious - do you agree or disagree with me?

Lukas Machnik

On the contrary, I believe modern or mid-century modern elements are not only going to be big in 2015, but will remain a constant staple in interior design.  This aesthetic has been huge in design in recent years, and could be found anywhere from furniture to lighting to accessories.  Several of my designs incorporate lots of mid-century elements.  I have even noticed that those with completely opposing design styles, such as traditional or vintage style, actually like to incorporate the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic of modern/mid-century modern design in their homes.

You can read the entire article here, which includes both the top 5 design trends for 2015 and a recap of the 2014 design trends that is on its way out.  Does it surprise you that chevron prints and bright colors are passe?

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