Caught My Eye

studio mc gee client kitchen remodel

A gorgeous kitchen transformation packed with beauty and function at every turn.

mid century modern design dining room

Dining room makeover that shows the power of paint AND a statement light fixture!
Colette 49 one kings lane tribal pattern upholstery
Tribal patterns and indigo are a match made in upholstery heaven.  Love this affordable and stylish bench!

amazon product finds
I've been looking for a way to mount a toilet paper holder without drilling into tile.  I came across this product, and I'm super curious to try it.  It's a self-adhesive that claims to bond to pretty much everything.  Need to fix or secure something down?!  This may be worth a try.

DIY projects home improvement

This DIY trash enclosure project is on the home improvement list.  I'm making sure my hubby gets maximum use of his new power tools! #wink


  1. I really like your style and your choices. :)
    Very inspirational, a lot of light and wow fixture.

    About sugru, it is a super cool discovery but if I remember correctly, it remains elastic to a degree? Not sure, just something to check out. :)

    1. Oooh, thanks for the cautious tip about the sugru. I definitely wouldn't use it to secure anything valuable. The dining room light fixture was definitely eye-catching! The kitchen above has similar elements to our new kitchen design, so I gravitated to it immediately! :)


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