Mid-Year Renovation Review

At the beginning of the year, I outlined our home renovation goals for 2015.  I thought I'd do a mid-year check to reflect on our progress thus far, and to review where we stand.

#1  Front yard landscaping

Okay, we get a D on this one so far.  It would be a total fail if we hadn't otherwise started meeting with landscapers.  The intention to get the landscaping done is definitely there, but execution has been stalled until we figure out whether we're going to tackle the facade of the house at this time (need to assess the budget).  If we had the proper tools and knowledge to turn the "rocky" soil, mix in new soil, and properly slope the yard, we would attempt the landscaping portion ourselves.

concrete pavers home improvement brick demolition

#2  Family room remodel

This remodel is taking forever (what's new with our projects?), but I am happy to say that the family room renovation is nearly done!  The remodel is on temporary hiatus since the room is currently serving as storage central for our furniture while we're under construction.

#3  New hardwood flooring

Other than the kitchen, I am most excited about the new hardwood floors that will be installed.  New flooring can really change the look and feel of a home.  We pulled a few samples, but have not decided on the exact wood.  All I know is that it will be a wide plank!!!

#4  Baseboards

We definitely plan to finally install baseboards once the new floors go in!  Living without baseboards over the past 2+ years has contributed to the "unfinished" look of each room.  Moldings help add an "architectural finishing touch".  I would also like to do other molding installations throughout the house (crown, wainscot, etc.), but one step at a time... #as_per_the_hubby

#1  New, fully-functional kitchen

So blessed to be able to tackle the kitchen renovation this year!  After meeting with the flooring contractor, it confirmed our inclination to do a new kitchen first so the new floors would not be potentially harmed (by demolition and construction).  Demolition, new drywall, plumbing, electrical, etc. are done, and the base cabinets are starting to go in!

custom white cabinets home renovation kitchen remodel white modern farmhouse kitchen home improvement interior design kitchen design
Here's a peek at one of the "base" cabinets!

#2  Interior doors

We will NOT be getting new interior doors this year.  Honestly, we have gotten used to living door-free, that it doesn't bother us much anymore.  At least the bathroom doors went in... 

#3  New sliding doors

We need five sets of sliding doors.  Not an inexpensive project whatsoever, especially since some of the openings are over 8 feet wide!  We'll have to see how things play out after the new hardwood floors go in. :)

What about you?  Are you tackling any home improvements this summer too?


  1. Where to start?
    You have a busy list!
    I have a suggestion for your front yard! If you want, you can frugally fill the bed to the right of your entrance yourself.Slope away with some cheap dirt, throw newspapers or cardboard (weed barriers) fill with mulch and put 2 or 3 pots in the ground, between the mulch. It all can be removed easily when you do something permanent.

    Wide plank floor, is just awesome.

    I found a link for our faucet that you had asked about: http://www.lowes.com/pd_127970-72981-P88103LF-SSSD-L_1z0z39s__?productId=4084020&pl=1

    The price is still great at $129 and having used it over a year now, it rocks. It doesn't tarnish, flow is great, no problems so far.

  2. Hi! Yes, our home reno/improvement list is long and never-ending! :) Thanks for the suggestion. My hubby and I are talking about doing certain portions of the front landscape ourselves. We'll have to figure it out since he also wants to add a new drip system. More water-efficient in our parts, and it'll work great for the drought-tolerant plants we'd like to have.

    Thanks for the faucet info! That's an excellent price. Thanks for the feedback on it too. The kitchen is coming together, yet it still seems so far off. :)


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