Pantone's 2016 colors of the year seem to have been received with a "love 'em or hate 'em" mindset.  Totally understandable since the hues can seem "juvenile" in a "straightforward" sense.

Rather than focusing on rose quartz and serenity blue, i.e. the official colors of the year, why not declare your own?!  The hashtag #colorsofmyyear2016 is floating around social media inviting anyone to share their colors for 2016.  Deciding on my personal colors for the year was simple enough, but coming up with "clever" names for each was another story. :) #triedmybestanyway

 CAD INTERIORS #colorsofmyyear2016

So, what are MY colors for 2016?!  Well, I am loving some classics - BLACK beauty, indigo denim BLUE, cashmere CREAM - plus a dash of WINE-not!

Last year, I actually painted a wall in our home office/guest bedroom "black" (deep charcoal) as the first step to start pulling the room together.  Sadly, that's where I left off!  Anyway, I am envisioning the #colorsofmyyear2016 playing a role in the room's design.  This room is another "smaller" project that I hope to tackle this year, along with the dining room.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram and play along to declare YOUR colors for 2016 by using the hashtag #colorsofmyyear2016.  You can also click here for more details.


  1. Thanks for playing along Carol! It's been great seeing all the creative color names and yours are superb!

    1. It was fun to play along and to help you promote the hashtag! :)


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