More ORC Favorites

It may be taking me awhile to go through the 200+ room reveals from the latest round of the ORC, but it has been so worth the time to visit and support all the linking participants.  There is so much talent and inspiration in the design blogging community, so go check out the rooms whenever you get a chance. :)

I wanted to share a few more of my stand-out favorites:

one room challenge mid century modern eclectic vintage bohemian interior design

Jess of Domicile 37 has a keen eclectic eye and major design flair.  She also has some DIY chops to top it off!  You have to see how she created the renter-friendly, faux fireplace facade during her living room makeover.  Her living room AND dining room makeover was spectacular, and totally exudes her eclectic bohemian chic style.  Click here to see more of both spaces.

one room challenge mid century modern bohemian vintage eclectic tropical interior design

Maggie and I seemed to be feeling the green in this round of the ORC!  I absolutely loved how she paired coral and green to create a complimentary color scheme for a soothing but dynamic bedroom oasis.  The contrast added so much depth and dimension.  Her bedroom is also filled with creative DIY projects, including that bench!  Click over to Maggie Overby Studios to see more of this beautiful master bedroom.

one room challenge eclectic mid century modern interior design stenciled geometric tray ceiling navy pink bedroom

Tricia of Suburban Bitches completed a Boho Chinoisserie Chic bedroom makeover with vibrant results!  The fresh white backdrop made the blue and pink decor pop... while the color scheme was equally gender-friendly in this master bedroom.  My favorite aspect of the space, by far, was the stenciled tray ceiling.  Talk about a DIY labor of love that paid major design dividends!  Go see the rest of the beautiful space here.

one room challenge eclectic mid century modern interior design

Erin is the other half of the dynamic Suburban Bitches duo, and her "Back in Black" dining room makeover was stunning.  When you have architectural room details, paired with black and mid-century modern, it's a design win in my book!  Click here to see more of her refreshed dining room.

I love how each of these spaces have a collected and "designed yet livable" appeal to them.  In case you missed it, I also did a round-up of ORC favorites last week.  Lots of eye candy!

Thank you all again for your support and kind feedback on my own ORC room makeover.  I asked for your constructive input here regarding one of the room elements, so if you have a chance, feel free to weigh in. :)  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Carol I loved Tricia's bedroom with that blue, white and pink color palette and Erin's black dining room! Looking forward to checking out these other beautiful rooms that caught your eye! So much talent and inspiration in the blogosphere!

    1. I agree - there is so much talent and inspiration out there, including yourself! I truly enjoy sharing the work of other design bloggers who provide so much inspiration. I'm still working my way through all the rooms. There are so many and so little time, but I'm plugging along!

  2. These are some of my favorites too,feel honored to be included with such beautiful spaces.

    1. Maggie, your bedroom makeover truly reflected your unique style mixed with real comfort and true personality. It was a pleasure to feature it. I LOVE your living room makeover too! :)


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