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interior design inspiration

A gorgeous designer feed on Instagram.

vintage bohemian global dining room interior design inspiration

An eclectic New York dining room makeover with California chic bohemian flair.

wall decoration inspiration interior design decor

Clever inspiration for unique wall art!

black windows large sink

A kitchen face-lift that reminded me of our pre-renovated kitchen (although this one is in much better shape).  We had a similar extra large sink, which I wish we were able to reuse.

Hope you are having a great Memorial Day and holiday weekend!


  1. The bohemian chic is pretty inspiring to me. Small but with tons of character.

    Wow at that sink, so wide, so practical!

    1. The boho dining room may be small, but it is packed with style! I love a wide, deep sink too!

  2. Replies
    1. That wall caught my eye! I thought it was creative ingenuity! :)


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