The Case for White Walls

So much for the old school "medicinal white" mentality.  Recent times have seen a surge in white as being the "IT" color on walls, at least in modern interiors.

I love color, and I definitely inject it into all the spaces I design.  I have yet to do a completely neutral room, come to think of it.  But I have noticed that I like to start most of my room designs with a white wall canvas (gray or black too, but that's another conversation).

Yes, there are a multitude of white hues and undertones to consider.  But for simplicity sake, "white" works as the perfect backdrop for injecting whatever color and pattern you prefer at any given time.  It definitely makes things easier if you have the tendency to change things up like myself.

In this e-design project, I kept the color palette pretty neutral and white (and layered in organic textures) to accomplish the design objective:

interior e-design mood board decorating farmhouse transitional

Take a look at how the feel and look of the space would change with a few swaps:

interior e-design decorating mood board bohemian eclectic transitional modern

All of the furnishings and decor remained; all I did was switch out the rug and accessory pillows.  This is something that could truly happen in "real" life, especially if you happen to be a serial re-decorator like me.  White walls would easily accommodate doing changes like these.

There is something fresh and always current about white.  I believe that white walls help the design of your interior spaces come to life, kinda like how food "pops" when served on white platters.  Don't fear white walls.  That's what touch-up paint and Mr. Clean magic erasers are for anyway, right?! :)


  1. white walls can be so beautiful! maybe one day I will have the self restraint to have them!

  2. Hi Lianna! I would have never imagined being drawn to white walls since I'm drawn to color, but ironically, having white walls has made it easier for me to inject whatever color (or pattern) I'm drawn to at any given moment. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! :)


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