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A couple weeks ago, I shared an example of an e-design project, complete with mood boards and floor plans.  There are occasions, however, when clients just want what I refer to as "mini e-designs".  These clients are mainly seeking design guidance on a more limited scale, i.e. conceptual design and space layout ideas.  Here is an example...


This client requested design help to create a contemporary living/family room.  Their room was a hodgepodge of furnishings and accent pieces, and they needed help making the room feel/look more current and cohesive.  The space is where the family hangs out and watches television, so a TV was necessary.  They also wanted a fireplace!  The sectional was the only furniture piece they asked to keep in the design.

*Client-provided images*

client before photo contemporary living room interior design project

client before living room interior design decorating

client interior design decorating contemporary family room project


Three things immediately stood out to me: 1) the room was dark and heavy, 2) it was overcrowded (combination of over-scaled furniture and too many pieces), and 3) everything was against the walls.  It was obvious just from the client's photos that the sectional overpowered the room - not to mention that there was another sofa on the opposing wall.  The dated, bulky television and existing window treatments didn't help matters either.


To maximize space and address room constraints, I suggested a new room layout (flipping the sectional to the other side of the room), as well as a wall of built-ins to house an electric fireplace, flat-screen television, and display/storage (built-ins would go on wall where mirror is).  I also edited the furnishings, recommended lighting, and injected color, pattern, depth, and texture in a fresh, contemporary color pallet.  New window coverings were also suggested.


interior design e-design modern transitional decorating family room

The mood board above factors in a sectional, as requested.  But I also suggested that they consider a sofa that would be better suited to the room size-wise (mood board below).  In both cases, I recommended having only one sofa/sectional, plus accent chairs for a more intimate and flexible grouping.

interior design board transitional modern e-design decorating family room
Sources are not provided out of respect to this client.

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