Summer + A Home Project in the Pipeline...

This summer has been all sorts of crazy with my kids on summer break.  I'm sure any parent with school-aged kids can relate.  I love seeing their sweet faces throughout the day, but driving them everywhere, playing referee to their inevitable spats, and constantly feeding their growing bodies has been a non-stop affair.  Sure, I could stick them in several camps, but then again, it would just add to my Uber duties. :)  Boredom (for them!) definitely strikes more often than not, but I think that being under-scheduled forces them to learn how to be creative with their time when they don't have activities or plans.  Making them think for themselves and managing their time = building necessary life skills, right?  How's YOUR summer going?!

Anyway, now that I've whined about the non-routine that has been summer around here (ha!), you can only imagine the productivity level on the house front (more like lack thereof).  I had planned to work on a couple home projects this summer, but who was I kidding?

BUT once school is back in session and everyone (including myself!) is settled back into a routine, I'm finally going to start tackling a project that has been on my punch list...


remodel renovation interior design black and white kitchen
Pendant lights WILL be hung above the island!

You see that empty white wall behind the kitchen island?!  Well, it's finally going to get some attention!  Despite the temptation to do something anything with it when I revealed the newly renovated kitchen, I left it alone.  Nonetheless, the intention of turning it into a practical and functional part of the kitchen has always been there.  Stay tuned for the design plan.

Another project on my agenda is our hallway (which I will show you soon).  It is the most overlooked area in our home, despite constantly walking through it every day.  This high-traffic corridor leads to the master bedroom, kids' room, main bathroom, and laundry space.  Right now, it has zero style, and it is begging for some design love!

Thank you all so much for bearing with me through the lack of home renovation and improvement project updates this summer.  Unlike last year, it has been quite refreshing to NOT have contractors going in/out of the house.  It's actually the first summer since we've lived here that we have not had any major reno projects in process during the summer months.  I should enjoy it now, because it will be short-lived when we kick off the next big project... the exterior!

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