"Updated Traditional" Living Room Design Board

Traditional room designs are not something I often get to work on, but it is an aesthetic with which I am very familiar.  I grew up in a home that was/is furnished and decorated more traditionally.  Although my personal design aesthetic leans more modern/eclectic, I have been drawn towards certain elements of traditional design as of late - which translated into my latest mood board!

updated new traditional interior design mood board decorating chesterfield sofa modern blue gray brass gold geometric rug pattern

To prevent traditional spaces from looking or feeling "dated", I tend to infuse contemporary elements into the design.  Doing so can help give a space a fresh and "updated traditional" feel, rather than appearing "stuck in time".

The design board above reflects this combination of traditional and contemporary.  The chesterfield sofa is traditional in style, but the gray upholstery fabric gives it a more current vibe.  The on-trend area rug, plus slipper accent chairs covered in an unexpected contrasting fabric, keeps the overall grouping fresh.  The subtle, modern geometric patterns and brass elements that were sprinkled throughout the design also help keep things  "current".  You can read here for some tips that I've previously shared about giving a room "new traditional" flair.

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