The Shed & More {A Home Renovation Update}

It's been awhile since I've shared about projects happening around the house, so I thought I'd provide an update.  In a nutshell, we are finishing up a small project and gearing up for a major remodel.


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photo via MLS

You see that structure above?  We call it the "shed".  It is approximately 400 square feet of raw, unfinished space waiting to be converted.  It is attached to the main house, but is not currently accessible from the interior of our home. Right now, it can only be accessed through the doors in the photo above, as well as a back door that leads to the backyard.

While the shed has been convenient for our storage needs, we have always planned to convert it so that it is optimally utilized.  Well, after 3-1/2 years in our beloved fixer upper, we have come to that point!


As I mentioned, the shed is raw and unfinished.  But it does have plumbing lines and electricity.  The utilities will be brought up to code as required.  The walls have no sheetrock or drywall, and the floors are slab concrete (which I may work into the interior design).  The windows and doors need to be replaced.  Insulation is also required.


If economically feasible, it would be great to connect the shed to the interior access of the house.  We are tossing around the possibility of converting the space into our new master ensuite, which would take our house from a three bedroom to four bedroom.  But if that plan is too cost-prohibitive (or city requirements are too excessive), we discussed converting the structure into a guest house, office, rec/entertaining room, or a combination of the three (maintaining separate access to the structure).  Either way, we plan to add a bathroom since the plumbing is already there.


Aside from the shed conversion, we are also planning to redo the facade of the house (siding and front elevation), possibly add a portico-type cover above the courtyard, and renovate the bedroom/bathroom that is currently the "master".  We are enlisting the help of professionals and having architectural plans drawn up.

Of course, everything will come down to budget which has been established.  By tackling everything in one full swoop, we will hopefully be able to complete the construction phase of our home renovation!


  1. That's so exciting Carol! So much potential with this space and I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It is going to be a huge endeavor, but we are anxious to get all the remaining major projects done around here. I want the kids to be able to fully enjoy the possibilities/potential of this house while they still live here! Lol :)


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