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Hello Friday!  We have another busy weekend ahead filled with our boys' activities.  Raising kids who are engaged in sports and other extracurricular activities simultaneously keeps us on our schedule-juggling toes.  All the insane driving around, dominating tournament schedules, and overlapping practices/games are worth the balancing act when you see how much joy each has in doing what they do!  I know some of you parents out there can relate.

Some inspiration around the web this week...

scandinavian danish modern minimal interior design inspiration

neutral mid century modern danish scandinavian modern minimal interior design inspiration

The living space above exudes a casual, easy going, modern "California style" that draws me in!  The space is airy, streamlined, minimal, yet seemingly cozy.  Despite a predominantly neutral color scheme, the room doesn't fall flat because it is layered with different textures.

glass table traditional transitional interior design inspiration
Traditional Home

This article was an interesting read if you happen to be table shopping.  It may make you think twice about buying a glass table for unexpected reasons!

modern fireplace interior design inspiration stone

Part of our living room remodel includes a fireplace makeover.  I've been gathering design inspiration to help me decide on how to re-clad the fireplace...which will relate to the general design direction of the room.

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  1. I love that light and airy room in the first photo Carol. So pretty! Enjoy your weekend of running around with the kiddos!

    1. I'm really drawn to the "vibe" of that living room, and will hopefully be able to execute something similar once we finally refurnish our family room! Hope you had a great weekend, Lisa! Xo :)


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