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best flower and plant varieties for container gardens

Container gardening ideas to bookmark now.  Spring will be here before you know it.

Glad that HGTV host, Scott McGillivray, agrees about the upside.  My tip before you buy a fixer upper would be to enlist the help of your realtor to do a comparable post-valuation on the property based on the renovations you intend to do.

interior design remodel home improvement modern mid-century scandinavian decor

LOVE this kitchen, as well as the rest of their new-old home.

living room interior design inspiration Spanish Mediterranean architecture
via MLS

Our previous home had a Spanish-Mediterranean style, complete with so many inherent architectural details.  One of the main things that I loved about that home was the coffered ceiling.  I hope to add similar architectural dimension in our current living room.

In non-design news, my hubby and I are hooked on this show.  We were curious what the hype was all about, so we Netflix'd the premiere and found ourselves binge-watching the first season.  We are now caught up to the latest episode.  Are you a fan?! 😆


  1. Yes! Love This Is Us. We've missed a few episodes so now we have to wait until we can watch them together and catch up. Love that coffered ceiling in your last home!

  2. I lead such an exciting life that the show is something I look forward to during the week! :)


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