Entryway Essentials

Have you ever driven by a house and based your overall impression of the home by how it appears on the exterior? Me too.  It's a known real estate fact that a home's first impression is decidedly based on its curb appeal.

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However, once a person steps foot inside a house, you have the chance to immediately set the tone for what your home is truly about.  And it all begins in the entryway!

No matter how large or small your entryway, it should make a positive and welcoming impression.  Aside from looking nice, there are a few "practical essentials" that should be incorporated into any entryway (space permitting):

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1 - CHEST or any hard surface, like a console table or wall-mounted shelf, provides a "drop zone" for mail, keys, etc.
2 - LIGHTING  A combination of overhead lighting and table lamps (or a floor lamp) will help illuminate the designated entry area.
3 - MIRROR Mirrors bounce light and can help open up a space.  It is also a convenient way to do an "appearance check" for people coming or going.
4 - HOOKS or a standing coat rack can come in handy to hang coats, bags, etc., especially if there is no coat closet nearby.
5 - RUG will help trap as much dirt as possible while adding texture and dimension to the area.  Natural fiber rugs or indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option for entry rugs.
6 - STOOL or something to sit on, like a bench or chair, is helpful when putting on or removing shoes.
7 - ACCESSORIES  A decorative bowl is great for storing keys or loose change; a real or faux plant or floral arrangement is a welcoming decorative touch that adds a "green" element.
8 - STORAGE BASKET is a great way to store shoes.  It could also be used to hide toys or any random items when you need to do a quick "pick-up" before guests arrive.

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  1. This is great! I really like the stool and mirror in your design. Do you happen to know where the rug in the top picture is from?

    1. I don't have the exact source for the runner. However, if you need assistance finding a similar rug, feel free to e-mail me. There are a few places I source from.

  2. This design is so pretty Carol. I love a bit of black with blue and white. That mirror is gorgeous!

    1. I love that mirror too! It has an Asian-esque eclectic feel to me. :)


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