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We officially kicked off summer a few weeks ago, when both of my boys wrapped up the school year with their 8th and 5th grade "graduations".  It's hard to believe that my oldest will be a high school freshman, and my "baby" is headed to middle school.  Time flies!

George Washington Estate Potomac River aerial photo view
George Washington's Mount Vernon Estate (overlooks the Potomac River)

To celebrate, we took our annual family summer vacation right when school got out (rather than in August).  This year, we explored multiple cities with a "historical" bent since both kids just studied the Revolution and/or U.S. History.  We toured the beautiful cities of Philadelphia, PA, Washington D.C., Arlington, VA, and Mount Vernon, VA.  Seeing what they just studied in person gave them a unique and more intimate understanding of our country's history.  You can catch highlights of our vacation here under "Summer 2019".  It was an AWESOME trip!


On the home front, we immediately dove right into another project upon our return.  We finally broke ground literally on our backyard makeover.  We'll be adding to the landscaping in phases, but plan to get the "basic elements" of the backyard put in this summer.

CAD Interiors home renovation backyard exterior Southern California
View of a portion of the backyard BEFORE demolition

Privacy hedges (need to plant over 60 hedges!), sprinkler/drip system, pavers/pea stone gravel, gas line (for fire pit), electrical (for lighting), and sod will soon make its way into the yard.  I am definitely looking forward to seeing some "green" back there again!  It's a hot dirt mess right now...

You can follow along on Instagram stories, where I share some of the progress (saved under "Backyard").  I also pinned some inspiration, which includes the image at the top of this post.

Hope you are having a great summer thus far!

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