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Lately, I have been so captivated by the Instagram accounts of "celebrity" interior designers that embrace nature and their environmental surroundings.  As to be expected, the interiors of their homes are tastefully designed, approachable, collected, and inviting.  While the interiors are beautiful, it is their actual properties and country-inspired lifestyles that caught my attention.  Their properties feature no shortage of picturesque rolling hills, lush landscaping, amazing flower beds, and stone-paved gardens.  The fact that they grow their own veggies and edible flowers, raise chickens for eggs, and care for other farm animals (goats! cows! pigs!) is what I love about their refreshingly organic lifestyles!  It's modern country living at its design best!!!

While we won't be raising any farm animals, we do plan to TRY and grow some veggies and flowers around here despite not having a single green thumb. 😉  Here are my three favorite designer accounts on Instagram that have been providing me with a big dose of "modern country lifestyle" inspiration.  Make sure you check out their IGTV stories too!

This husband-wife architecture and interior design duo is my absolute favorite right now!  I have been enjoying the virtual tours that they are giving of their California property, Patina Farm.  Their beautiful grounds are unmatched!

While Lauren can be recognized for her HGTV show, I started following Lauren for her personal home adventures.  Her designs are so approachable and made for real living - check out her home.  I love her property and earthy, organic, laid-back vibe!  She just started a chicken coop and has been making soup from her backyard foraging.

Joanna Gaines is 1/2 of the infamous "Fixer Upper" duo!  She single-handedly gave shiplap its turn in the spotlight.  She and her husband, Chip, renovated a farmhouse in Texas and gave it the modern farmhouse charm that her designs are known for.  Their gardens, however, are my favorite aspect of their home!  (Note: Be sure to check out the fun cooking videos that her kids filmed while sheltering in place.)

Please feel free to let me know about any other similar accounts that I should be following!

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