2023 "Smaller" House Projects

Did you read about all the big renovations we still need to do in our fixer upper? It's certainly come a long way, and we're excited/anxious to get to the finish line! Renovations were on hiatus in recent years it's not easy living through construction but it's time to get back to it!

Aside from our lofty house goals, I thought I'd share the "smaller" tasks/projects planned for 2023. In no particular order:


CAD Interiors home renovation hallway entryway closet

Through this opening, which is located right by the front door/entryway, we have a small hallway that leads to some bedrooms, bathrooms, and a "back room". I'd like to spruce up the bland walls and update the lighting. There are also two closets in the hallway that need organization and design. You can see what we've already done with this hallway closet .


Our kitchen wall needs texture and dimension! White-washed brick or a natural stone? Whatever I decide, it will need to compliment the other elements in our open-concept great room. The console and DIY shelving (which was actually redone in 2020 after the original reveal) will stay.


I'm not a huge fan of using overhead lights, outside of the kitchen (which we have on a dimmer). I prefer the warm glow that comes from illuminating rooms through lamps and sconces. There are a few areas around here where I'd like to incorporate some sconces or pictures lights.


We completely renovated the guest bathroom before we moved in. It's night and day from where it started, but I'm now wanting to make tweaks. While I would love to install a fun wallpaper, I'm concerned with moisture from the shower (which is used daily).

I'm leaning towards board and batten in a rich color?!

Jenna Sue Design Bathroom DIY Board and Batten
Jenna Sue Design

I'm looking forward to tackling all of these updates throughout the year. Thank you for stopping by and allowing me to share our progress! How about you? Any home projects in the works this year?!

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