Design Trend: Pink Sofas?!

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I have noticed a rather feminine trend in interior design that I believe takes some real design confidence to incorporate into a sofas!  Yes, pink.  While I have seen more saturated pink tones on sofas, it is the blush hue that has been more dominant as of late.  Either way, pink sofas seem to be trending in interior spaces.  Who would have thought?!

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transitional living room interior design trend inspiration brass gold cream white home accents furniture decor pink sofa

interior design trend inspiration blush pink home decor accents furniture

Even country stars have pink sofas...

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While blush sofas may look "good" in certain settings, my preference would be to incorporate the color in the accessories.  I don't see a pink (blush or otherwise) sofa in my future.  What about you?  Is a pink sofa calling your name?!  If so, here are some pretty options... 😉

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one // two // three


  1. Yes please! but I was thinking of the bubblegum pink from Joybird!

  2. Now that's bold! I love Joybird! :)

  3. They sure are pretty! Especially that soft blush hue. Big investment in a color though!

    1. I agree with you on the investment part, especially given the color! I'd stick to a "neutral" color for a sofa, and incorporate the blush through the accessories...or even paint. :)

  4. Several times, I have had a post in making, only to jump here and see you having already written about the same subject. Like this one.
    I am into blush pink too currently and love those sofas. Great selection you picked!

    1. Great minds think alike! :) Hope you've been well.


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