Blogging in 2019

This greeting comes a month into the new year... but Happy 2019!  Hope this year has been good to you thus far.  It's no secret that it was awfully quiet on the blog last year.  Posts were and continue to be few and far between.  Some of you have even reached out to ask if I blog anymore.  Haha!  Well, my "response" to that question is yes - I will try. 😅

cad interiors interior design blog

To be honest, I have been mulling over the direction of this blog for quite some time.  With the ease and popularity of media platforms ahem Instagram!, I've been questioning if the time and effort it takes to keep up the blog is even worth it.  Do people even read blogs anymore?  I mean, I can barely keep up with posting on Instagram, but people seem to find it easier to comment and interact much more over there.

cad interiors interior design blog

So... where is the blog headed in 2019?  Well, because I do love creative writing and interior design, I decided to continue blogging as often as possible - because what better way for me to merge the two?!

cad interiors interior design blog

However, I'm going back to basics with blog content.  One of my original blog goals was to provide organic content and inspiration through our own real-life, real-budget home renovation.  So that's what I will mainly be sharing... the ongoing transformation of our beloved fixer upper.  There will hopefully be more insight into my indecisive mind and general approach to each process.  It may take me eons to fully document the renovations, but that's the goal!  Oh, and I may also share about the design projects I work on along the way too... 😉

cad interiors interior design blog

Huge thank you to those of you who have continued to follow along... and warm welcome to any new readers who found your way here! 😊

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  1. Hi your post in 2015 about showing art near the "black box" is an idea I'm doing. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and letting me know you found a useful tip here!


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