Current Thoughts {during Covid-19}

This year isn't exactly how anyone envisioned unfolding, right?!  2020 will definitely go down as one of the most challenging years in history.  BUT hopefully, it will also be remembered as the year that our nation comes out stronger - because we will eventually reach the end of this pandemic tunnel.

Rancho Palos Verdes California hiking trails outdoor walk exercise health fitness

My family and I were actually early adopters of "social distancing" (pro-actively staying home ahead of California's mandate).  By the way, I prefer to call it "physical distancing" since we are virtually checking in with family and friends!

It is definitely an uncertain time in the midst of this health and economic crisis.  To help ease the anxiety, I think it's important to seek and embrace whatever "positives" you can find during this current norm.  For me, I feel that our lifestyle has inadvertently "improved" in terms of the simplicity of these days.  For that, I am truly grateful.


With school and work now happening at home, mornings have become calmer.  No more rushing!  Alarms can go off later, lunches don't need to be packed, hot breakfast meals can be leisurely enjoyed (a break from the usual cereal/toast/yogurt), and there is no California traffic to deal with during the morning and evening commute.  The days feel less stressed and hurried because they begin more calmly.


My kids have been in the throws of "more serious" academics, sports, and extracurricular activities for the past few years.  They are currently 11 (6th grade) and 15 (freshman).  School is very rigorous and homework is nuts in both their middle and high schools.  While my boys have had to recently adapt to the unique challenges of distance learning, they have been able to get their daily class assignments and homework completed well before dinnertime.  No more numerous hours of homework after school and on the weekends at least for now!  This means more downtime with their parents. 😉


Who would have thought that we would get our weekends (and weeknights) "back" at this stage in life?!  Our schedule was stretched so thin with our children's activities.  There was a lot of dividing and conquering, running between places, and not a whole lot of time for just being...  Now that everything is cancelled, our family time has multiplied!  I consider this quality time a GIFT.  Before we know it, we will be empty nesters.

Rancho Palos Verdes California hiking trails outdoor walk exercise health fitness

With all that said, I pray for the speedy obliteration of this pandemic.  Coronavirus has affected everyone's lives - health, social, economic, or otherwise - and I pray that we get to the other side of the curve in the immediate future.  Be responsible and do your part to curb the spread.  Stay healthy by staying home.  The virus does NOT discriminate and no one is immune.  If everyone does their part, life as we knew it can return sooner than later!

*Photos were taken during one of our family hikes in the neighborhood.

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