Design Trend: Yellow

Yellow is not a color I normally gravitate towards.  So naturally, it is not a color that I often incorporate into my decorating or designs - UNTIL NOW.  With more modern variations of the color, I find myself embracing yellow more and more.  That's a good thing... because yellow is trending everywhere in design!

Interior Homescapes

Gracie-Sense and Simplicity

Sarah Richardson Design

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House Beautiful

One particular shade of yellow, that I refer to as "lemon zest", is a favorite.  It's fresh and crisp.  It's the perfect shade to incorporate into your spring and summer decor!

Here is a recent mood board I created for a yellow-related design challenge:

I used lemon as a dominant accent color in this bedroom design.  It is complimented by a contrasting teal accent color.  The vibrant yellow and teal accents are tempered by the dark wallpapered focal wall and neutral wood tones.  The metallic gold accents, which could also be considered part of the yellow color family, inject an added textural layer and sophistication to the space.  All the elements work together to achieve a softer, soothing palette amidst a bold backdrop.

Tips:  Don't be afraid to mix yellow with contrasting or complimentary colors.  Yellow pairs well with both warm and cool tones.  Remember, balance and repetition are key to pulling off any space, including one that incorporates the yellow trend!

Functional Furniture

Buying furniture pieces that do double-duty is like getting a "buy one, get one free" deal!  And who doesn't love a good deal?!  In today's homes, especially those of growing families, "spare" space is often hard to come by.  Kids acquire lots of things, and it may sometimes seem as though their belongings take over the entire house.  Many homes may also have rooms that serve multiple functions, i.e. office/bedroom, living room/playroom.  To maximize the space in your home, investing in dual or multi-purpose furniture can be a practical and functional solution.

Furniture pieces with storage capabilities are a terrific addition to any home, no matter how big your house is!  We all need storage solutions.


Storage ottomans are so functional and versatile.  They can be used as seats, tables, footstools, and storage units.  They're great, especially if you have young children.  You don't need to worry about sharp edges or hard corners since ottomans are typically cushioned.  Ottomans also come in different colors, shapes, sizes, patterns, and fabrics.

Tips: Group smaller "cubes" together to make a coffee table.  Keep a couple ottomans under a console table for extra seating.


Apartment Therapy


Bookshelves are another great multi-tasking storage solution.  Open bookshelves can serve as room dividers.  The tops of low-profile bookshelves can be used as servers.  Low-profile bookcases can also double as a library and console table.  You can use the various shelves within a larger bookcase unit as a display case for dishes, glasses, photos, etc., and simultaneously store office supplies, toys, miscellaneous items.

Tips: If your unit does not have hidden storage compartments, use decorative bins or baskets to hide more utilitarian items.  You can also hang art or a piece of fabric as a "cover".

Other examples of dual-purpose furniture:

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Feature Friday: Home Office

Emily Clark

I love this office space!  It's actually a dining room that is being used as a home office.  The room has an understated eclectic design.  Notable features include the charcoal-painted built-in backs, the oversized ceiling light fixture, and the orange-patterned area rug.

  • The pop of color in the rug blends beautifully with the hardwood floors, while bringing out some of the color in the books.  The rug also grounds the furniture and adds warmth and texture.

  • The bookshelves are beautifully styled!  Well-edited and well-balanced.

  • And that eclectic selection of awesome!  Read here about my "chair crush".  The industrial bistro guest chairs stand out against the more traditional button-tufted white chair.

  • Lighting shouldn't be an issue with that oversized ceiling fixture!  Love the ceiling medallion too!  The large scale makes a bold statement and draws your eye up to the ceiling.

This office is so beautiful that it would make anyone want to work in there!

The Great Outdoors

Living in Southern California means nearly perfect weather year round!  With spring in the air, and summer quickly approaching, it's time to head outdoors.  Now is the perfect time to start sprucing up your outdoor spaces to get it ready for summer entertaining!

Here are 3 simple ways to update your outdoor entertaining areas:

#1  LIGHT IT UP:  Install some overhead string lights.  Light lanterns, tealights, torches, and/or pillar candles.  Lighting makes all the difference.  It sets the ambiance that creates the mood for your guests.


Source: Frontgate

Source: Pizzazzerie

#2  BRING IN THE COLOR:  Throw some bold-hued pillows onto your patio seating.  Bring in coordinating accessories, like a tablecloth or dishes.  Add colorful plants and flowers to the seating and dining areas.

Source: The Style Files

Source: Indulgy

Source: Coastal Home

Source: House Beautiful
#3  SET THE BAR:  You don't need an outdoor kitchen area or actual bar furniture to have a bar.  Use a portable trolley, revamp a potting shed, or mount a DIY bar like the one pictured below!  Any table surface would work fine.  Stock it with glasses, napkins, beverages, bar tools, etc.  Let the guests help themselves to drinks!

Source: Pinterest


Source: Pinterest

Designing Scents



Source: Woman's Day

Source: Pinterest

Found these clever homemade scents that cost centsThey're natural, and they'll help keep your home smelling fresh.  Doesn't it make perfect sense to try them?!  :)

Safari Living

Who would have thought that animal prints would make its way into home design?  Once upon a time, wild animals like zebras, leopards, cheetahs, and tigers were limited to the jungle.  Fast forward to modern day...

These animals have made its way indoors, inspiring eclectic safari home decor trends!  And it makes perfect sense...  Animal hides are rich with pattern and texture, and yet, they can be considered a neutral.  They also infuse a rustic and global element that invokes warmth and character.  I love incorporating animal patterns in home design because they bring the quirky, eclectic, and unexpected into a space - which is right up my alley!


  • Mix plain, natural, woven textures with animal prints.  The entire room does not have to be filled with animal patterns.
  • Balance is key when decorating with animal patterns!  It doesn't take much to make a bold statement.
  • If you're feeling conservative or hesitant to incorporate the trend into your decor, try it in just a few smaller accessories (ex. picture frames, pillows, throws, decorative balls, vases, etc.)
  • Animal prints can serve as a neutral.  Try combining it with a solid accent color or two.
  • It's okay to mix animal patterns, but keep scale, balance, and proportion in mind.
Various spaces that incorporate animal/safari decor (found on Pinterest):

New Blog Series: Found It!

I love high-end design, but it often comes with a hefty price tag.  Fortunately, we can all get the look we're after for significantly less with patience and savvy shopping.

I'm excited to launch "Found It!", a new blog series where I'll be helping you source "pricey" products at more affordable price points.  Leave me a comment or e-mail me at if you have something you'd like sourced!

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Happy Easter! Rejoice, for He is Risen!

May you enjoy the most blessed occasion of our Church year with your loved ones!  Let us remember the true meaning of Easter:  Jesus sacrificed his life to save us from our sins so that we may enjoy everlasting life with Him in Heaven.

Happy Easter!!!

Feature Friday: A Room with a View

This is my kind of bedroom... one with a view... an ocean view to be exact!

Source: Coastal Living

I would never tire of waking up to that gorgeous view!  Can you imagine falling asleep each night to the sound of ocean waves?!  Your day is bound to start and end in a tranquil and serene way when the soothing sight and sound of the ocean is right outside!

This bedroom also caught my eye because of the rich textures and soft patterns.  Natural texture and subtle pattern abound in the nightstands, pillows, and bedding.  When layered together, it brings depth and "richness" to the earthy color palette.  I also love the infusion of gold and glass in the mirrors and suspended light fixtures.  These can both help reflect light and the ocean blues.  If you're fortunate enough to have an ocean view as a focal point, try a neutral interior color palette filled with texture.  It won't compete with the view, and it will promote a soothing and calm atmosphere - which is perfect for a bedroom!

Have a terrific Easter weekend!

Feeling Blue

I am always "feeling blue", but not in the way the expression suggests.  Blue is one of my all-time favorite colors!  It is a classic color that will remain popular in design.  There are so many different shades of blue, ranging from warmer blue-green tones to cooler blue-gray tones.  I love the entire spectrum.

Check out my recent design that I submitted for a contest.  All I had to do was incorporate various shades of blue in the design.  Interestingly enough, I designed an office to feel blue in. :)

Rather than wrapping the room with blue paint or furnishing it with blue items, I chose to use the color as an accent.  Various shades of blue were introduced through the accessories.  The colors were repeated throughout the space to achieve a balanced and layered look.  The blue adds color, depth, dimension, and interest to an otherwise white/neutral background.

Source: Houzz

I love the indoor/outdoor aspect of this room.  The blue fits right in to the "breeziness" of the space.

Source: Sarah Richardson Design

I certainly wouldn't mind getting creative in this office space.  I'd feel so energized by the blue hues in the room!  I love everything that Sarah Richardson designs.

Source: Houzz

This bedroom exudes calm and relaxation, the perfect recipe for getting your zzzz's!

Source: Houzz

What a charming room!  Although it has hints of blue, it isn't masculine (nor feminine for that matter).  Doesn't it have a cozy cottage vibe?!

Design Trend: Turquoise

Turquoise, aqua, teal... whatever name you give it... it's a popular color right now!  You see it in clothes, jewelry, bags, shoes, and many fashion accessories.

It's no surprise that turquoise is also a hot color trend in home design.  Fashion and interior design often go hand in hand.  I personally love the color because it's bold, energetic, and happy!  It definitely makes a statement.  The color turquoise can bring a tonal or neutral background to life.

The color combo of turquoise/aqua and coral is a very popular modern trend:

Source: HGTV

  • Use turquoise as an accent color.  It's easier and more affordable to update accessories (if you wish) than furniture.
  • Try combining turquoise with 1 or 2 other colors in a neutral room.  The combination will infuse color, pattern, dimension, and interest to an otherwise tonal space.
  • Repeat the color(s) throughout a space, but with restraint.  Often times, less is more.
  • Incorporate the color in unexpected ways (ex. paint the ceiling, the back of shelves, or a vintage dresser in turquoise!).
Spaces injected with turquoise:

Source: Coastal Living

Source: Pinterest

Source: House Beautiful

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest